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"The sound for the whole film was pre-recorded."

True. Though one cast member recalls differently, numerous interviews mention Graeff's Orwellian recording tactics, and the strange recording device still exists. Bill DeLand (Sol) was surprised it even worked: "it matches perfectly," he remembers. However, due to the discrepancies in favor of sync sound recording, it's possible that a few scenes were shot with on the spot sound and looped later.


"Dawn Bender (Anderson) died from alcohol related illness in 1975."

Not true. While a Dawn Bender did die in 1975, it was not the same Dawn Bender, at that time living under the married name of Dawn Jacobs. The Dawn Bender who played Betty Morgan is alive and living in Los Angeles.


"Tom Graeff was such an egomaniac that he starred in the film under a different name of David Love."

Not true. This is the most persistent and most false rumor that's circulated about the film, mostly due to its publication as "fact" in a number of books and periodicals. This was believed to be true until 1993, when Richard Valley and Jesse Lilley of Scarlet Street Magazine interviewed Bryan and Ursula Pearson, and discovered that not only were Tom Graeff and David Love different people, but they were romantically involved. That being said, Tom Graeff did assign himself a bit part, Joe Rogers, the reporter, which he played under the name Tom Lockyear. (Lockyear is his middle name.)


"The lobster was alive! It was moving in an early scene!"
True. While the lobster "moves" mostly by being manipulated by propsman Paul Blaisdell, the lobster was indeed live. Most people just assume it was dead, and no one knows whether any crustaceans were harmed during the production of this film ...

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