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During his short career, Tom Graeff was only known to have worked on seven completed films, four features and three shorts. Five of these films Tom directed himself.

The Noble Experiment
Role: Director
Color/Length: Color, 80 minutes.
Release: August 2, 1955, Lido Theater, Newport Beach.
Distributor: None
Starring: Tom Graeff, Phyllis Yarwood
* 1 print available, currently being digitized.

Not of this Earth
Role: Grip
Color/Length: Black & white, 67 minutes
Release: February 10, 1957.
Distributor: Allied Artists. (As of 2004, Walt Disney Pictures)
Starring: Paul Birch, Beverly Garland, Jonathan Haze
* few prints available, digitized for DVD by Shout Factory.

Teenagers from Outer Space
Role: Director, Writer, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor
Color/Length: Black & white, 88 minutes.
Release: June 23, 1959, Los Angeles.
Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures via Topaz Productions.
Starring: David Love, Dawn Anderson, Bryan Grant
* some prints available, master digitized by Wade Williams.

The Wizard of Mars
Role: Editor
Color/Length: Color, 85 minutes.
Release: 1965.
Distributor: American General Pictures
Starring: John Carradine
* some prints available, master digitized by VCI Entertainment.

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