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Feature Film: The Noble Experiment

Color/Length: Color, est. 80 minutes.
Release: The Lido Theatre, Newport Beach, August 2, 1955.
Distributor: None.
Starring: Tom Graeff, Phyllis Yarwood

Plot Summary: A husband browbeaten by his mother-in-law invents a formula which, when drunk, turns anyone who drinks it into a kinder person. He spikes the town's water supply, leading to many complications. - summary provided by BFI Film & Television Database

Tom Connection: No doubt reveling in the freedom provided during the filming of The Orange Coast College Story, Tom wrote, directed, and produced this film. He also took the lead role. Quite an impressive feat for a first feature! It's unknown why Chuck Roberts seems to have taken no part in the production, though its possible he acted under yet another alias.

Film Availability: No known print exists, and only one known screenings was to have happened after it's initial premiere at the Lido.

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